fragmento | TOXIC

Toxic. This is what it was.
It was not something healthy. We both know, right? At least I do. But what I did about it? Nothing. Why? Because you know I just loved it.
The profoundness of your eyes, the tone of your voice, the tattoos in your skin, the musicality in your laugh, your deep philosophies and the gorgeous way you see the world.
The truth is that I was addicted to all of it. To all of you. Since the moment I laid my eyes on you I got myself surrendered. I was yours, entirely, since that day. My heart was captured by your kindness. I could feel your soul, and that conquered me completely.
Since then you fed my passion, knowing that you were my weaknesses and that I was totally into you. You did this even knowing that nothing could ever happen. You knew it couldn’t. We both did. At least I did. But what I did to change it? Nothing. And you know why? Because I loved you.


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