There are some people that overflow. They are so full of something that they can’t contain themselves anymore, so they need to give it all to the world around them.
Musicians need to show their songs to the everyone. The notes flow through their fingers, run in their veins, like the blood inside them. They breathe it, live it, and need to pass it forward.
Dancers are the same. Every part of their bodies tingle, wanting to put out all the energy that is hiding inside their souls, underneath their skins, between their bones, and around their muscles.
Writers handle to do it through their thoughts. They fill rooms with all the passion that fill themselves inside. Every letter, every word, every sentence, every paragraph, are the main tools that create their magic, their gift to the us.
So you see, the world is full of people that are full of things. Like love, joy, empathy. And when we meet one of them we can tell, without any doubt, that they are one of those overflowing people. One of those needing to share with us all the secret mysteries they carry inside. All the light that illuminates their paths. And we manage to recognize them right away because all about them tells us they are one of those. The brightness in their eyes, the smiles in their faces, the warmth in their voices, and the strange and difficult to describe, but also very unique, honesty about the energy that emanates from their hearts and goes straight to ours.
One day I hope to overflow like one of those.


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