fragmento | TOXIC

Toxic. This is what it was.
It was not something healthy. We both know, right? At least I do. But what I did about it? Nothing. Why? Because you know I just loved it.
The profoundness of your eyes, the tone of your voice, the tattoos in your skin, the musicality in your laugh, your deep philosophies and the gorgeous way you see the world.
The truth is that I was addicted to all of it. To all of you. Since the moment I laid my eyes on you I got myself surrendered. I was yours, entirely, since that day. My heart was captured by your kindness. I could feel your soul, and that conquered me completely.
Since then you fed my passion, knowing that you were my weaknesses and that I was totally into you. You did this even knowing that nothing could ever happen. You knew it couldn’t. We both did. At least I did. But what I did to change it? Nothing. And you know why? Because I loved you.


fragmento | MY LIFE

I don’t say that he is the love of my life because he is not.
The love of it.
He is it.
My life.
Every time he breathes, my lungs got full of air.
Every time he closes his eyes to sleep, I dream.
Every time something breaks his heart, mine fall into pieces.
Every time he gets cold, my arms have shivers.
And every time he is feeling hot, my skin starts to burn.
I am an extension of his emotions, like if he was my heart beating out of my body, making the blood floods through my veins.
So every time he wakes at morning, my life gets a little bit better each time, for knowing I got to spend another day by his side.

fragmento | AH, BRAÇO!

Braços esticados e abertos por apenas um instante, antes de se fecharem ao nosso redor. Quentinhos. Aconchegantes.
Aquela respiração do outro ao pé do nosso ouvido. E a inspiração profunda, que suga da nossa nuca todo o aroma daquele perfume cítrico de verão que tanto amamos usar nesses dias quentes.
As batidas do coração da pessoa à nossa frente, que sentimos tamborilar e transpassar osso, músculo, pele e roupa, se fundindo e (con)fundindo com o palpitar do nosso próprio.
O apertar de nossos corpos um contra o outro, quase como se o espaço já inexistente entre eles ainda fosse muito grande e ambos não pudessem suportar tal distância, mesmo que ínfima.
O sorriso que, mesmo sem ser captado por nossos olhos, sabemos que está sendo dado pelo outro, se alargando a cada segundo a mais que passamos ali parados naquele momento tão precioso.
Abraço. O seu é o melhor de todos.


It was like a shadow. Almost something that wasn’t there, but still you could feel it. You could know that existed in a sort of way.
It was not the kind of shadow that lie under something or that follows someone. It had it’s own life, it’s own light.
It is funny to think that a shadow has light, right? It looks a little contradictory. But if we think for a while, we’re gonna remember that without light we don’t have the shapes of shadows. We only have darkness. And that thing was all but dark.
It was almost like the night sky: even with the black canvas, still full of shining little dots. A great shadow surrounded by pure light.
And it was just like this. My little shinning shadow.

fragmento | BROKEN WINGS

She has a crush on troubled guys. The damaged ones. The ones who look strong and invincible outside, but that are wrecked on the inside.
She thinks she can take care of them. Fix them. At least she hopes she can.
The problem is that a broken toy cannot play with another cracked one. A bird that cannot fly can’t fix the injured wings of others.
For us to help another one we need to be whole ourselves first. We can’t expect to save lives if we just can’t handle the monsters under our own beds.
So, no, she can’t fix them, but she also cannot help herself from keep on falling in love with them.